Unique Archipelago

The Indian Ocean in the area of Maldivian Archipelago is one of the most unique ecosystems in the World. The islands, formed from flooded volcanoes, whose underwater slopes over time turned into huge, impresive walls of coral reefs. They’ve attracted the rich underwater fauna that made the Maldives so famous. It is here where we can find the largest feeding grounds of the whale shark (over 360 individuals of this species have been observed in the South Ari Atoll alone). In the area of the famous Hannifaru Bay (protected by the UNICEF Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve), seasonally, you can observe manta rays flowing in groups of more than a hundred individuals. This spectacular show is an experience that you will not forget for the rest of your life …

diversity of species

The variety of species is impressive: sleepy and lazy nurse sharks, grey reef sharks, black and silver tip sharks, stingrays and eagle rays, various species of moray eels, endangered green and hawksbill turtles, octopuses, tuna and barracuda swimming alone or in huge shoals, great napoleons, giant trevalleys and nervous parrotfish. Plus, of course, the countless inhabitants of the coral reef. For macro lovers, the Maldives are also prepared and they have something special: multi-coloured nudibranchs of various species, miniature shrimps, tiny colourful reef fish. The coral gardens are a pure feast for the eyes… We know places where the reef is still alive and colourful, where single head corals reach several meters, we know underwater gardens of colorful gorgonians and caves covered with soft corals… We also know places where reef is reborn – sometimes with the human help. There is a lot to see and experience on Maldivian reefs – you can help to protect and restore them with your own hands! And the views in all these places are simply amazing and will remain in your memory and dreams for a long time.

Dive sites in the Maldives are various and beautiful. So colourful and extraordinarily shaped reefs full of living stone and soft corals, peaceful and safe diving sites for children, “leisure” diving sites, where we simply drift with the soft current along the vertical wall and admire what is on one side – the reef and other side – the blues of mighty the ocean… There are also fabulous underwater landscapes of the sunken islands – thila’s. There are hills, valleys and narrow defiles, all full of underwater life. Those who want more adrenaline can go for more advanced diving in channels with a stronger current, usually combined with the sharks and other ocean fish observation. Diving in the Maldivian currents is a great experience on the one hand, and an excellent diving training on the other!