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We know that holiday have different meaning for different people. There is no one universal definition of perfect vacay. Sometimes when you don’t know the place you’re planning to go to, all you have are photos and some dry information from the internet. In this situation it is easy to take a false step and… a couple looking for private and romantic holiday goes to a family focused resort full of kids and family entertainment, nature and photography lovers go to island near Male, poor with jungle where natural beauty has been consumed by commercial stores, shops, cafés and there is no reef under the water…

What are your thoughts when it comes to Maldives? Do you see yourself on white sandy beaches surrounded by azure, warm waters of the ocean and fresh green jungle? Breath taking sunsets, mesmerising sandbanks? That’s the place… But would you prefer to stay on the quiet, intimate local island, sleeping in cosy guests house, enjoying life among Maldivians, exploring their culture, tradition? Or would you rather imagine days spent in private overwater villa, having colourful fresh juices in your infinity pool, eating at elegant and sophisticated restaurants and surrounding yourself with luxury? Would you travel alone or with the one special person? Or maybe you’re looking for joyful family holiday or active vacay with friends? How about diving? Snorkeling? Surfing maybe?

We are your Maldives’ Specialists. Just name it and we will help you write your Maldivian story from page 1 to the…last one. All to meet your dreams and your budget.

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How do we know so much about the Maldives? About each and every detail of the places that we are sending our guests to? Because we have been there and we’ve personally checked it for you. During many years of our travels and living amongst the islands of this unique archipelago and Maldivian people we got to know uncountable places and we’ve learned to understand them.

For us each trip to Maldives means new islands, new people, experiences. We go back to those most interesting, that draw our attention with that “something special”, places that we call honest and pure Maldivian. We explore the surroundings, talk to people, listen to the stories, sometimes some gossip… we find new friends, build warm and close relations, true partnerships with owners and managers of places we choose to cooperate with.

We test and inspect every resort, guest house, diving centre, reef around the island, each transfer, restaurant and café… We pay attention to the small things – also those you can’t see on the photos, like the mood, atmosphere of the island, possible noices, odours, distance to neighbouring islands and airports, infrastructure of the resort or local island, access to medical care and hyperbaric chamber… To our offer we are adding only selected, unique and special places, which we may recommend from our hearts.

We are your Maldives’ Specialists – thanks to our knowledge and experience we can offer perfectly checked and selected places that will meet your expectations. We will tell you everything you need to know and prepare you for the trip, so you can stay calm and confident about your choice and your trip.

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Marine life of Maldives attracts divers from around world since decades. The richness of fauna, coral reef which is still alive and under special protection, warm pure waters with great visibity which makes your dives even more pleasant are the main advantages of diving in the Maldives. Staying in Maldives without going under the water with a tank and fins becomes incomplete. We try to spend as much time as possible under the water and we check all the places that we recommend later - dive bases, safari boats, diving sites, equipments, procedures, infrastructure, experience of the divers’ team.

The show-stopper of the local waters is the majestic whale shark, coloured like the night sky full of with stars. There are atolls where possibility of meeting this gentle giant during your dive or snorkeling is 100% and the number of individuals that can be observed are impressive… That is why special scientific research and observations are carried out in these areas so we can get to know and protect the whale sharks even better. Social and curious manta rays glide through the depths of the Indian Ocean around Maldives, and they come in countless herds at certain times and places. It is an unforgettable spectacle, called the manta ray festival. In some Atolls it is celebrated on the islands and many divers come to Maldives specially on this occasion.

We are your Maldives’ Specialists. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we will plan for you the most interesting and exiting dives at great dive sites - all in accordance with your expectations, dreams but also skills. Dive centre on the local island or at the resort? Our signature Love Maldives diving trip? Or maybe safari boat? The choice is yours!


Dreams and memories are our source of positive feelings and emotions. The best of them are very often connected  with travels.

So… don’t wait with your next trip, don’t give up on your dreams! World is beautiful and there are places that can give you happiness, joy, impressions, meetings, experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Let us take you to Maldives, let us help you fulfil your dream.

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