local islands


Maldives is a country laid on 26 geographical atolls and over 1.200 islands on the Indian Ocean. It is a country with its own nation, language, culture, currency. Inhabitated islands are like small cities or villages in the Western World – but separated with the water, not land. Such island has a Council, well organized harbour, musk, caffees, restaurants and shops, medical facilities, often school, police station, football field… It depends on the size of the island if you can find it all, but generally they are self contained places with everything that is necessary for everyday living of Maldivian family. For tourists they’ve been called “local islands” to differentiate them from the resorts where only the hotel and its infrastructure can be found.

wyspy lokalne na malediwach
Fot. P. Tarasewicz

Life on the local islands

Since around 10 years local islands can welcome tourists from all over the world. You may find wonderful accommodation in guest houses and hotels run by Maldivian owners, sometimes with investors from other countries. Experienced and professional diving centres and water sports facilities – islands became fully prepared to give guests wonderful Maldivian memories.

As a muslim country, Maldives have their rules that tourists are expected to follow and respect. So – you will not find and you can not bring with you any alcohol or  pork. In the village or town you should cover your shoulders and knees, avoid showing too much of the skin. There are specially designated areas on the beach – so called “bikini beach” – where we can feel free and sunbath and swim in our swimming suites. On the beach by the village we can swim in our clothes – as all Maldivians do.

What local island can give you?

Spending time in local islands, among the native people of the archipelago, gives you unique opportunity to communicate with precious and underestimated culture and heritage of the nation but also to feel the hospitality of the most gentle and kind people that are always ready to help. In these islands you will also find the most beautiful sandy beaches, longest sandbanks, vivid and green jungle, colourful flowers and magical banyan and breadfruit trees… The nature of those places is simply overwhelming.

Cost-wise holiday on local island is very attractive – compared with resort it is often few times cheaper, so during last years it is becoming more and more popular way of travelling to Maldives.


Dhigurah, South Ari Atoll
Goidhoo, Baa Atoll
Dhigurah, Południowy Atol Ari
Fot. P. Tarasewicz
Our favourite, beloved island blessed with beautiful long beaches and spectacular sandbank. large area of this teardrop-shaped island is covered with natural jungle. It is ideal diving destination, famous for whale shark and manta meetings. On Dhigurah you will find great local cafés, restaurants, shops, few dive centres and guesthouses. It is a great place for active as well as relaxing holiday.
Fulhadhoo, Baa Atoll
Fulhadhoo, Atol Baa
Fot. M. Sotek
Small, sleepy island with beaches from fairy tales and multicoloured waters washing the shores. Those who are looking for peace, quiet and empty beaches will find their happiness here. Amateurs of active holidays may enjoy everyday trips with our local friends, who will show you treasures of Maldivian nature and take to hidden places you won’t find in any printed tourist guide.


Maradhoo, Addu Atoll
Maradhoo, Atol Addu
An island situated in deep South of Maldives – area that shows a different face of the Archipelago. Maradhoo is part of Addu City – a complex of islands connected by dikes and roads leading through them. It’s a great place for people who are looking for more that lazy time on the beach and romantic walks. Here you can rent a bike or scooter and spend days on sightseeing and exploring further and further corners of the islands. Also the nature is different from the Central Atolls. In some islands you may even find mangroves and mangrove lakes. Maradhoo and Addu are great treat for experience divers who will find big oceanic creatures, shipwrecks and incredibly beautiful reef hidden under local waters. 
Thoddoo, Alif Atoll
Thoddoo, Atol Alif
Fot. A. Godlewska
Another special and unique island… laid a bit far away from other islands, so beautiful and impressive with its size, long beaches, and things you will find on the land and in the surrounding waters… Thoddoo is an island of plantations. Square kilometers of the ground are covered with fields of papaya, watermelon, cucumber, betel and different herbs. Views and smells are spectacular… And when you go to the beach – the road leads you through famous palm avenue. During snorkeling by the beach you will meet sea turtles and hundreds of colouful reef fish. Great island for beautiful holiday.
Kelaa, far Northern Maldives
Kelaa, daleka Północ
One of the last islands on the northern ends of the Archipelago. Impressive with its size, wild nature and breath taking, amazing wide lagoon. It will be extremely difficult to see entire island without a bike or a scooter. Island is big so it has more of a town than a village. You can find here few musks – each of different architecture. Roads are winding and easily misleading – as traditional villages and cities used to be built. Tourist will find amazing views on Kelaa – straight from the postcards… Long and white beaches, azure and blue, stunning lagoon, huge areas of jungle and even mangrove lake. Great watersports and excursions make it complete offer for travellers. Kelaa is still unknown pearl of Northern Maldives…
Goidhoo, Atol Baa
Fot. K. Kalisz
Large, mostly covered with natural, beautiful jungle, calm and quiet island. Local community is really friendly and you will not meet too many tourist – it is perfect place to run away from all the noises and stresses of everyday life. It is wonderful feeling when you stroll through the virgin jungle and reach the island’s shore with extraordinary, white and soft as a powder, sandy beach of Goidhoo…
Fehendhoo, Baa Atoll
Fehendhoo, Atol Baa
Fot. K. Kalisz
Beautiful island of unique, triple spindle shape, full of natural and wild green forrest. Surrounded with reefs and waters of many shades of blue. You will find here a friendly traditional village with many old, small houses made of corals, store, musk and really good small restaurant serving delicious local foods.
Kamadhoo, Baa Atoll
Kamadhoo, Atol Baa
Fot. M. Sotek
Charming green island with exceptionally integrated, friendly and helpful community. Walking around the Island you will find nice colourful houses and impressive breadfruit trees, lots of blooming bushes, flowers, fruit trees of egzotic species. Kamadhoo has wonderful beach with great snorkeling conditions, nice picnic area under trees and even place for yoga sessions. Island is also known for beautiful celebrations of Big Eid.
Maalhos, Baa Atoll
Maalhos, Atol Baa
Fot. K. Kalisz
Such a little and such a sweet island… With the first steps on the land it the jetty you will feel the peace and the atmosphere of Maalhos. Covered with green and vivid jungle, having great, very traditional village with community cultivating its culture and handicrafts, school full of kids… Here you may observe how the real coconut oil is produced in traditional way, how – based on the oldest recepies – Maldivian cuisine is prepared, what women and men can produce from palm leaves using their bare hands… People of Maalhos take a great care of the environment and pro-ecology education. You will find you balance and peace here – specially during snorkeling on the house reef which starts just 15-20 meters from the beach.
Fuvahmulah, far Southern Maldives
Fuvahmulah, dalekie Południe
Laid on the open ocean, far away from other islands, just under the equator, Fuvahmulah for many years was somehow isolated from the rest of Maldives. You can notice that in a different atmosphere, architecture, appearance of the people and the language they speak. There is a city here that provides all that is needed for everyday life of Maldivian family. Due to wide spaces, scooters are the main mode of transportation in Fuvahmulah. This island became famous as a dive site just few years ago and since then it attracts divers from around the world. Meeting tiger sharks is 100% guaranteed but also here you may observe huge and elegant oceanic mantas (the biggest manta, much bigger then the reef manta), thresher sharks, and whale sharks. Lucky ones may see hammer heads and mola mola.